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Home Theater Installation

Bring the movies home with you by installing a home theater system. Our designers will work by your side to create the ultimate home theater experience that caters to all your needs. Surround sound, comfy reclining chairs, and adjustable lighting are just a few of the perks a home theater can provide. Be the hostess with the mostess by choosing us to install your home theater. Call us today to get started.


Keep a watchful eye on your property and your family’s safety by setting up surveillance systems throughout your home. No matter the size of your property, our team will successfully set up cameras wherever you think need be. It is crucial that you hire someone that knows what they are doing to ensure everything is connected and working properly. Be on the safe side, contact us today.

Home Networking
& Wifi

It can be extremely frustrating when your wifi just doesn't work sometimes. With the help of Foremost Automation, you’ll never have to run into that problem again. We provide reliable home networking and wifi systems to ensure you are connected to the outside world every day. Don’t miss a beat and give us a call for effective home networking and wifi installation in San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas

Surround Sound Setup

Do you watch sports games? Do you host movie nights? There are many reasons why you should have surround sound setup throughout your entertainment areas. When hosting your next movie night or Superbowl Sunday, you can relax knowing that everyone will be satisfied with the volume of the television. You will also be able to listen to music throughout your entire home with ease. Call us today to blow your guests away with the ultimate entertainment experience.

Video Doorbell Installation

A new and improved front door peephole, the video doorbell. By having a video doorbell installed you’ll never have to guess who’s at the door again. Whether you are tired of the local salesman knocking on your door or someone unexpectedly rings your doorbell in the middle of the night, it will benefit you knowing exactly who is behind the door. It’s a quick and easy process to give you a better peace of mind in the future. Contact us today for effective video doorbell installation services.

Intercom System Installation

Living in a big house can prevent open communication. With an intercom system you can easily make announcements to your family, call for emergencies, and communicate back and forth without leaving the room you’re in. This service is very practical for big properties so that you don’t have to strain yourself by yelling at each other from across the house. For high quality intercom system installation call us today to book an appointment.

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